A better gift voucher

The idea behind Goodmoney gift vouchers is to link up independent local businesses to create a new gift voucher that has a better choice and is better in so many ways than any other gift voucher available.

Goodmoney gift vouchers are simple to understand, they work just like high street gift vouchers, except they can be spent with an amazing range of local businesses, from independent shops, restaurants and cafes, to sports clubs, kids clubs, local trades people, freelancers, mechanics, tutors, coaches, makers, and many more…

A brilliant gift

Our independent local businesses have so much more to offer than the high street chains that can be found in every town, making Goodmoney gift vouchers the perfect gift for everyone. We’ve also added a section to our greetings cards for you to personalise your gift by suggesting a gift or experience you think the person you’re buying for will love.

Good for local businesses

Gift vouchers are big business in the UK. A city the size of Brighton & Hove spends over £20 million each year on gift vouchers and gift cards, with most of this money going straight into the coffers of high street chains. We want to change that and redirect a big chunk of this spending to the local businesses that make cities like Brighton & Hove such a great place to live, work and play.

Better for everyone

According to New Economics Foundation: “Money spent with independent local businesses stays in the local economy for longer, creating more jobs, opportunities and prosperity for everyone.” Buying, giving  and spending Goodmoney gift vouchers is a great way we can all support our local businesses and the wider community.

We also want to make sure your gift is never wasted, so we’ll send reminders before the expiry date, renew gift vouchers up to 3 months after expiry and reinvest any unspent money into local community projects.