Staff rewards

Rewarding Staff and Community

Your reputation in the local community is an essential part of attracting and retaining talent. Choosing Goodmoney gift vouchers is a great way to demonstrate support and build connections in the local community, whilst rewarding your staff in a more exciting and thoughtful way.

When you buy Goodmoney gift vouchers for staff rewards and incentives, we will also celebrate your business on social media, in the press and in the Goodmoney Business Directory, helping more people and businesses find out what you do.

Give your staff something good for  Christmas and birthdays!

Goodmoney gift vouchers are an invitation to discover the wonderful range of gifts and experiences local independent businesses have to offer, from shopping for clothes, toys or music, to dining out or learning something new.

Tax-free benefit

Did you know that you can give each member of your staff up to £50 worth of Goodmoney gift vouchers, without attracting income tax or National Insurance contributions, by taking advantage of HMRC’s Trivial Benefit allowance. To qualify, you just have to make sure the gift is neither linked to performance, nor included within their employment contract.