Meet the member: About Balance


About Balance Brighton is an independent gem. Founded in 2014, the business has grown from strength to strength and it’s now one of the top health and wellbeing destinations in Brighton and Hove for unique holistic health treatments including cuddle therapy (a real thing!), gong therapy and Swedish massage. We took some time out to find out more…

Who owns the business and when was it founded? We’d love to hear how it started and what it’s all about…
Effie Love started ‘About Balance’ 4 years ago. She spent years working as a massage therapist and acupuncturist, and she identified two problems in the wellbeing industry… Firstly, she, and none of her friends, could have ever afforded to go and see her if they needed to. And secondly, she was only taking home a small amount (usually 40-60%) of what the clinic was charging, so she didn’t actually make that much money. When she found out there was a free space with a ready-made yoga studio and treatment rooms waiting for her, she heard a call and knew what she had to do; set up the UK’s first ‘low cost, Fairtrade, well-being centre’. And so About Balance came to be.

We offer low-cost rent to teachers and therapists to hire space to work from, in return, they are happy to give low-cost treatments to members of ‘About Balance’. A membership (known as ‘Karma card’) costs £10 a month and gives you huge discounts, so you can get treatments for just £20 or yoga for £5. 

How has the business changed or grown over time?
The first three years were a steep learning curve for sure. But we did well and grew and grew. Unfortunately, just as we were stabilising the owner of the building had to sell the whole lot. We had six weeks to find and move to a new space, but we managed to find something and moved to our new location on Gloucester Place. We are so happy here, we have a lovely reception area, a shop and we now have 2 floatation tanks! Whoop whoop!

What goods and/or services do you offer and how do you keep the unique?
We have a very diverse clinic, (acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage, shiatsu, osteopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and even card reading) and offer over 30 classes a week. We have Sussex’s only double floatation cabin (big enough for two!) and great for first timers or claustrophobic people.

I am inspired by the power of community and people working together.

What inspires you?
Community. I am inspired by the power of community and people working together.

What are your plans for the future?
Who knows?! Maybe franchise the studio and take the concept to other places that are in need of affordable wellbeing space.

If you could recommend one product that you offer, what would it be?
Definitely the floatation tanks, as it is so important to have time off. The floats have zero sensory input so it’s dark, quiet, warm and you are naked! You get out feeling like you’ve had a whole night of sleep. It is also great for stress, anxiety, muscle injury and so much more!

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