Setting goals: make 2018 different

Always Possible are a consortium of do-ers, thinkers, educators, makers, analysts and creatives who can help you make that good idea great! We had a chat with Richard Freeman – CEO of Always Possible – to get some expert advice on goal setting…

1. If you could sum up Always Possible in one sentence, what would it be?

Always possible helps people make brilliant decisions; supporting leaders in business, culture and education to turn ideas into action with impact.

Goal setting

2. Some of what you do focuses on helping people define their goals, what would you advise someone to think about/ ask themselves before they plan their 2018 goals?

1. What specific thing will make the world a better place for my customers, my community, my team and me?
2. What is the reality now – how far away from success am I?
3. What are my options –  to change, to get help or to continue with the status quo – and what resources do I need for each?
4. In my heart of hearts, do I actually want to do it enough so that I will do it?

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3. Why is setting business goals so important?

Goals are simply a tool with which we can create small successes and own failure. It is important to create goals that are purposeful and achievable and to share them with anyone who has a stake in your business.

Goals are a short-to-medium term motivator, backed-up by a plan. If you keep them simple, keep the plan flexible and hold yourself accountable – they will be your quickest route from A to B.


4. What are your 2018 goals for always possible?

  • To build our unique member network of UK micro-businesses, start-ups and SMEs to 400 by December 2018.
  • To make decision-making easier for ambitious tech, arts, community and education organisations across the south of England.
  • To help local governments, networks and think-tanks solve systemic challenges in education, wellbeing, creative skills and diversity.

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5. What have been your highlights for 2017? 

  • Working with some of the most exciting thinkers and do-ers in the UK to create more resilient businesses and community projects.
  • Seeing our clients transform lives with high-quality products and services, made more sustainable by better decision-making.
  • Publishing over 25 podcast interviews with people who have followed their instinct to make change in the world.

6. And last, but not least, what do you love most about Brighton & Hove?

It is a city of potential, still understanding what it can be and who it can be for. Some of the most compassionate, committed and stimulating brains work in this place – and I think it will lead from the front as it becomes more sure of how this will work for everyone. It is a city of the future.

Goal setting brighton

Head over to our Facebook page before Friday 19th January for your chance to win a 3-month membership to Always Possible to get your 2018 off to a great start! Need some inspiration? Listen to their podcasts here