How they work

Gift vouchers are type of pre-payment. They help you avoid the risk of buying an unwanted gift by allowing you to pay for a gift and the recipient to choose it.

Here’s more detail

  1. You choose the value of the gift you wish to give, say £25. Then you decide whether you’d like to give 1 x £25 voucher, 5 x £5 vouchers, or any other combination.
  1. You can currently pre-order the gift vouchers online, and from the end of March they will be available to buy over the counter from local stockists.
  1. Payments are recived into a segregated bank account, where the money is ring-fenced from the day-to-day activities for Goodmoney CIC. The money is held in this account until the vouchers are redeemed or expire.
  1. You receive your Goodmoney Gift Vouchers. They are paper vouchers produced by a security printing company, and have a number of security features to protect against counterfeiting. We also offer gift wallets and envelopes, so your gift is ready to go!
  1. There is information on the back of the voucher and the gift wallet directing whoever is given the voucher to our online directory. Here you can explore all the amazing local businesses and choose where to spend.
  1. After deciding what to buy, the holder can use their Goodmoney Gift Vouchers to pay, just like cash. However, businesses are not obliged to provide change, so smaller denomiations may be an advantage! To avoid any confusion, we recommend confirming with the business that they accept the Goodmoney Gift Vouchers before ordering.
  1. After the business has accepted the Goodmoney Gift Vouchers in payment for their goods or services, they will send them back to us, or request a collection. We will then check the vouchers are genuine and valid, and pay the business the face value of the vouchers (less a small commission) from our segregated bank account.