A new social enterprise is born

Monday 30th June 2014 was a big day for us. Goodmoney CIC finally came into being as a new social enterprise based in Brighton.

Our aim is to get behind local enterprise and help create a thriving and resilient economy.

On Tuesday 8th July 2014 we held our first workshop and invited people who run businesses in Brighton & Hove to join us. This gave us the opportunity to share findings from our local business survey and introduce some of the ideas that have inspired us. It also gave us the opportunity to get more insight into out how people who run businesses in and around Brighton feel about exchanging goods and services with each other.

We were very fortunate to be joined by Duncan McCann from New Economics Foundation. Duncan gave us a great run through of some of the most successful alternative currency schemes that are operating throughout the world today, and have operated throughout history. We were excited to see how much interest there is in how different kinds of money can be designed around the needs of businesses and people.

We had a great response from everyone who was able to make it and their enthusiasm for the Goodmoney project gave us a real boost, so a big thanks to everyone who gave up their time to join us.